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Over the past two decades, I have worked in product design, sourcing, and business development for some of the most well-known brands in the footwear industry.

But something never sat quite right with me: this industry I loved so much was a major producer of environmentally toxic waste.

In the late ‘90s, I immigrated to the U.S. as a young Brazilian designer concerned with climate change, eager to develop a more sustainable option for footwear. My team and I got to work dreaming up more environmentally friendly ways to produce shoes with basic practices, like using water-based cement, packaging with recycled paper, and recycled rubber outsoles. 

Because this was years before sustainably became the “it” thing in footwear, we struggled to find suppliers who would invest in the R&D of these materials, teach manufacturers how to use them, and navigate the difficult profit impact conversations with employers and retailers… Simply put: it was a nice idea that nobody wanted to pay for. 

So, my team and I knew we had to set out on our own path. And that’s how the Zherys brand was born. 

In an industry where it’s profitable to tout sustainability, we’re taking a different approach: honesty and integrity. We do not invest in reports that mislead the consumer by omitting important steps in the supply chain. We will never claim we are carbon neutral by buying credits from other companies. And we do not take shortcuts on our sustainability practices. What we are doing is focusing onmaking a real-life, global impact by implementing sustainable practices and being socially responsible in our supply chain.

Regardless of what our shoe is intended for, work or fun, our philosophy remains the same: design simple, quality products that are engineered for comfort, made responsibly with sustainable materials, and fairly priced. That’s it – no hype, no spin.

Won’t you join us in this journey?

– Angelo, CEO and Founder of Zherys

5 Ninettes in different colors

A better way forward

Over the past two decades, Founder and CEO of Zherys, Angelo, worked as a footwear designer creating products for some of the biggest names in the industry. After immigrating to the U.S. Angelo finally had enough. Concerned with climate change, he knew the unsustainable footwear industry needed to put their money where their mouth is. So, he set out to create a line of shoes that was designed with the earth and the wearer’s comfort in mind.

More About How We’re Made
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Doing the right thing before it was cool

Way back in the ‘90s, no one was concerned with how waste from the footwear industry was affecting our planet. But the team behind Zherys was. As Angelo began to develop his idea for a more sustainable and comfort-forward shoe brand, he was met with much resistance.

No one wanted to invest in an environmentally friendly shoe, because it wasn’t marketable, meaning it wasn’t profitable. But Angelo believed in his mission and continued to pursue it despite the challenges. Which has resulted in Zherys focus on sustainable materials and practices throughout the supply chain.

Our Philosophy
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