Our Philosophy

For us, caring about the planet isn’t just about using recycled and renewable materials; it can’t be. It’s about the people on the planet. From the farmers in the fields to the laborers in our factories, and from the supply chain to caring about the arches in your feet, Zherys does the right thing for nature, for the environment, and for the world at large by improving the lives of the people inhabiting it. And, yeah, that includes making you look and feel wonderful in your new kicks.

Conscious design

Rain or shine, business or casual, beach or mountain—you deserve comfortable, sustainable footwear that supports you in every step. Its timeless design is reengineered from the ground up to be the best possible balance between comfort, sustainable materials, and production practices.

Sustainable & Eco-friendly materials

Everything we do as a company and frankly, as citizens of the planet, should be in the service of reducing waste. That’s why you’ll find sustainable practices in every part of every Zherys:

recycled fabric
Recycled Plastic Knit Uppers
recylced rubber
Recycled Rubber Outsoles
100% Recycled Paper Packaging

Ethical sourcing

When people are treated better, the planet does better. That's why we invest heavily in the rights of our workers and are continuously visiting, evaluating, and improving our suppliers.


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